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Mini ovens and Microwaves

Buy online Mini ovens and Microwaves at the Best Price in Israel

Are you always looking for simple and quick recipes to cook for yourself and your family? Do you love recreating your favourite restaurant dish at home? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a kitchen appliance that helped you do all that and more easily? Microwave ovens are one such option which can make cooking really fast and a hassle-free process in Israel. Zabilo brings you a collection of microwaves and mini ovens to choose from. So, check out our collection on and bring home your new kitchen companion.
Choose from a Range of Microwave and mini Oven. Here, at Zabilo, you will find a huge collection of microwaves and ovens which will offer you a lot of variety and choice. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from different kinds of models like countertop models, built-in models or more. Also, all these models have different set of functions like convection and grill. While convection uses the technique of heating air and cooking food from within, grilling subjects the food to precise and localised heating. There is also a solo mode which can be used only to heat or boil food items. You will also find microwave ovens of different capacities. Starting from 20 litres to more than 30 litres, you can all kinds of models here in Israel.
Find the Best Price on Your Product. Now, you can avail the best price online on the leading brands on And when you choose from the leading brands, you will enjoy quality performance over a long period of time. So, select from brands like Samsung, Sharp, Muller, Novatech, Delonghi, Electro Hanan, Fix Electric, Meister, Sauter, Morphy Richard and more. Shop without any further delay to enjoy exciting offers on your purchase.