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5 tips to become the King of Barbecue

Published : 05/09/2016 14:12:32
Categories : Lifestyle & Recipes

When the weather is hot and sunny and you just don't want to eat inside, then FIRE UP THE BARBECUE ! After all, what funnier than gathering some friends and family for a relaxing meal under the stars? Naturally, we love it too !
That is why Zabilo&You has decided to share some great tips with you, so you can finally become the one and only King of the Barbecue.


You can't believe everything you hear, right? Ok, then you should know that FIRE DOESN'T COOK THE MEAT !

Food is cooked with heat from the embers. Which brings us to the second point...


What do you need? Charcoal, fire starters and matches/lighter.

The charcoal coal must be in medium pieces so it will burn evenly and efficiently. Big ones won't burn readily and little ones will become embers and burn out too quickly... Following? once you have cut your coal, you need to put fire starters everywhere UNDER your coals. Remember why? It is easy... The fire starters burn the coal  and then, with the heat created by the glowing embers, your food will soon be delicious !


Here, you will need some patience! A barbecue takes at least 30 to 40 minutes to be ready for cooking. That is the time for the coal to become embers. 

Should the flames begin to die, open the vent if you barbecue has one, or rake the coals and give it some air. Use a fan if you have one, or make one from a piece of rigid carton or a plastic shovel.

As the flames begin to revive, you can stop.

Tip: if you are reallyin a hurry, you can use a hairdryer !


Start with a clean, oiled grill to keep food from sticking.

If you really want to be the Grill Master, rub an onion on the warm grill, with a fork. This will also prevent the food from sticking.


Still with us?! Excellent! 

Here, you need to remember a few things: Different kinds of food are not all cooked in the same way! 

You would remember this in your kitchen, so why not in your garden with your brand new barbecue? You can't just put everything on the grill and come back 15 min later, thinking everything will be perfect. To be the King of Barbecue, you need patience!

Red meat: This needs a high heat that will cook and seal the surface, especially if you like your meat rare.

Poultry: Poultry needs a more uniform heat than a big one. It doesn't taste good if your poultry is seared and though intead of tender.

Vegetables: Meat and vegetables on a skewer are the main problem.BREAKING NEWS: you cannot cook a bell pepper in the same way that you would cook a piece of beef! The best plan would be to cook them separately on different skewers; cooking the meat where embers are  and the vegetables where the heat is less fierce. But you know, skewering is more about attitude. So what if you don't spilt meat and vegetables? Nobody will care!


With those last tips, you are officialy about to become the King of Barbecue ! But you need to listen very carefully because even the best Chefs use those techniques. Ready?

Thyme, rosemary, hay, pinecones and even, lavander... Do not hesitate to cook with these seasonings: they will give an amazing smell to your barbecue.

Don't be shy with marinades: honey, white wine, lemon, green lemon, soya salsa, vinegare, all kinds of aromates (thyme, rosemary, basilic, tarrago, parsley) and condiments (garlic, onion, shallot).

Told you, you would become the King ! Zabilo&You never lies!