Aliyah : Is it better to buy appliances in the US or in Israel ?

Published : 06/07/2017 16:46:39
Categories : Home appliances & Electronics

You're moving to Israel but you're wondering how to manage it with your Appliances ? Zabilo gives you 4 important things you MUST remember before choosing where you want to buy.


1. Don't risk to damage your Appliances

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TV screens nowadays are full of technology (there are LED, OLED, SMART TVs and more). 

Therefore, screens are becoming more and more fine, sensitive and fragile. It's risky to make your screen travel for such a long journey.

 But it concerns also all your appliances that you buy for your home. Indeed, if you are going to make Aliyah and you are wondering if it is better to buy in the US and to bring your appliances in Israel or to directly buy in Israel ? Let's see this together. We have some advice for you.



2. Avoid to lose your warranty

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We can take the example of TVs, but it concerns all the Appliances: OvenFridge, Gas Cooker, Double Oven, Ironing, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Built-In Oven, Freezer and much more.

So if you decide to buy in the US, then if you have any problem with your American TV screen for example, you won't be able to use warranty in Israel and you'll need to pay some crazy amount of money. Same thing with a Refrigerator or Dishwasher for example. However, if you decide to buy directly in Israel, you can get the warranty from the official importer and you are not afraid of losing it when you will move to Israel for Aliyah. 


3. Stop spending too much money

Let's continue if the example of Televisons. American TV screens doesn't need the same amount of energy than Israeli ones. Just like Air Conditioner for example. So, for a same given model, what lies inside is different from one country to another. You take the risk to ruin your TV screen by plugging it to an Israeli outlet. Or for an AC, you can take the risk to have an Air Conditioner that did not match with the Israeli climate and the dampness.

Keep in mind that electrical outlets in Israel are totally different than American one. 


4. Buy online in Israel at the Best Price

If we can give you the best tips ever for your Aliyah 2017 in Israel, it is to shop online for all your appliances directly in Israel thanks to Zabilo, your Online Shopping Mall in English and in Israel !

Zabilo is well known to provide the best possible warranty throughout Israel, 100% from the official importers. Then you'll be able to be helped if you meet any troubles on your Appliances thanks to this warranty that you have in Israel. 

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