How to choose an American Fridge freezer in Israel at the best price ?

Published : 04/19/2016 16:25:33
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Find out the best ways to choose your American Refrigerator - Freezer in Israel, while saving money. We know buying appliances can be difficult when you don't know a lot about the essential features, the Multi doors, that's why we are here... 

What size American fridge freezer should I buy?

American fridge freezers are large and bulky, so it’s crucial to buy one that’s the right size for your kitchen – you don’t want it to dominate the space or block an area that you need access to.

You may also have to factor in extra space at the back, sides and/or top for air to circulate – particularly if it needs to fit inside a specialist housing in a built-in kitchen. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the following dimensions carefully: Width American fridge freezers are much wider than conventional models – some can be more than 90cm across.

Depth and Height

They’re also deeper than standard models – typically 70cm or more. So make sure you factor this in if you’re planning to put your new fridge freezer in a different place. American models can be too deep to manoeuvre through front doors and internal doors, so measure your doorways to see whether you’ll be able to get it into your kitchen. Height American models are around 175-180cm tall. 

What features do American fridges freezers have?

Lots of American fridge freezers come with extra cooling and storage features as standard.

These can include:

  • Frost-free freezer : This is probably the most useful fridge freezer feature of all, as it saves you the laborious job of scraping away ice and mopping up water from your kitchen floor.

  • Fast-freeze function : This boosts fresh-food freezing times, so food is fresher when you defrost it.

  • Extra storage features : American models often have extra compartments, such as chiller drawers to help keep meat and fish extra-cold and shielded from the warm air that seeps in whenever you open the door.

  • Adjustable shelves : Look for these in the fridge and freezer, so you can arrange the space as you want it. Bottle rack This allows you to stow bottles safely and means you can free up shelf space.

Storage Capacity

How you shop for your food is an important consideration when choosing your fridge freezer.

If you shop regularly, prefer fresh produce and only use the freezer compartment for storing things like frozen vegetables, ice cream and ice cubes, then you may wish to consider a larger fridge area. If you prefer to buy in bulk and enjoy the convenience of frozen food, then choose a model with a bigger freezer.

American Style :  14+ cu ft (349 litres+) Even more space to store you favourite foods, wine, beer and cool drinks.

Energy Table

All fridge freezers receive an energy efficiency grading ranging from A - G (with A being the most efficient). Standardised tests, monitored by Trading Standards, are carried out by manufacturers, who are responsible for grading their appliances.

See ? Not so complicated to buy appliances in Israel. You just need the right tips AND the right website.

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