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How to choose your washing machine ?

Published : 04/12/2016 13:31:35
Categories : Buying guide

How to choose your washing machine?

When investing in a new washing machine, there's a lot more at play than how well it cleans. First, you'll consider the type of machine you want — a traditional top loader or a front loader.


A key factor in your decision will be space, so make sure you know what size machine you have room for. Most are front-loading but if you have limited space, a top-loading machine may be more viable.

Combined washer dryers are useful if you want both but haven't the space – though Which? has found that these dual functionality machines are the least reliable of all domestic appliances.


Decide on type

Do you prefer loading and unloading laundry from the top of a washing machine rather than bending to get into a front-loading washing machine?

The best front-loaders clean better and are gentler than the best high-efficiency (HE) top-loading washing machines while using less water. Front-loaders take longer than top-loaders, but spin faster, extracting more water and trimming dryer time. The high-spin speed can cause some washing machines to vibrate. Concrete floors absorb vibrations well, unlike wood-framed floors. Note that some front-load washing machines collect water around the rubber door gasket and can develop mold.

Top-Load Washing MachineAgitator models cost less and are faster than top-loading washing machines without an agitator, known as HE washing machines. Most HE washers are better at cleaning, gentler on fabrics, use less water, and have larger capacities. They also spin faster, which removes more water and cuts dryer time, although the spinning can tangle clothes. 


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Size and speed

The size of the drum typically varies between 5kg and 11kg, with a 7kg normally adequate for most households. Look at your washing pattern: if you like to wash few clothes regularly then a smaller drum may be sufficient. If you own plenty of clothes, then larger washes in bigger drums less frequently may be more efficient. 


The more revolutions per minute (rpm) the drier the clothes get, saving time and potentially money.

Washing machine spin speeds range from 1000 to 1600 revolutions per minute (rpm). Faster spin speeds extract more moisture, leaving clothes dryer when they come out of the machine. This is perfect for items like jeans that require longer drying times, or for when you need to have those favourite or important outfits ready to wear in less time without needing a tumble dryer.
Look for a machine with a medium spin speed (1400 to 1500 rpm) for efficient everyday laundry. If you prefer to hang your clothes out to dry and don't want to wait too long, consider a washing machine with a fast spin speed (1600 rpm and higher).

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Noise level

Our machines range from 45dB(A) to 61 dB(A) during a wash cycle. A quiet washing machine can be crucial in open plan living and is great for those with young families or who prefer late night washing. It's handy when you're trying to watch your favorite programmes too. 



All washers should carry an energy label including measurements for capacity, kw water consumption and noise emission.

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