Life Hacks: 10 unfailing tricks to get rid of odors in your refrigerator

Published : 03/21/2017 15:51:32
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That moment when you open the fridge and are blinded by the light, as if the gates to Paradise are offering us a taste of the Garden of Eden itself…but what the heck is that awful smell!

You’ve not necessarily got anything to do with it, so don’t blame yourself. We must react however! And you know what? Here’s a bit of good news: it’s nearly Passover. The time for a good spring clean and to make some housekeeping resolutions

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TIP #1

Fill a pot with bicarbonate of soda and place it in your fridge

TIP #2

Press a couple of cloves into half a lemon and put it in the fridge

TIP #3

Add two tablespoons of clay to a bowl and leave in your refrigerator .

TIP #4

Place a sachet of vanilla sugar inside (open of course : ) )


This is to try to avoid the smell of last night’s cooking from lingering. An apple pie that smells of salmon? How delicious (!)…

TIP #5

Put some lemon peel in an oven that’s turned off but still warm and leave them until it cools down.

TIP #6

In your oven heat some water mixed with vanilla extract until the water starts simmering. Turn off the heat and leave it inside the oven all night.

TIP #7

Add some bicarbonate of soda to your empty rubbish bin.

TIP #8

Soak a piece of cotton wool with lavender oil and tea tree oil and wash the inside of your rubbish bin . Repeat with every change of bin liner.


TIP #9

Use vinegar instead of washing detergent and start a cycle with the dishwasher empty.


TIP #10

During and after cooking, fill a bowl with white vinegar and leave it, it’s as simple as that. The vinegar will naturally absorb any cooking smells.  

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