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The Zabilo Buying Process

Published : 06/23/2016 10:33:25
Categories : Home appliances & Electronics


Available for washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, hobs, air conditioners and refrigerators*


1/ Choose your product on the website. Feel free to use the comparison feature (see image below which lets you see several products and their features at the same time as well as our guide on our Zabilo& You blog.


Is there a product that interests you but that you can’t find on Do what dozens of other customers have done, send the product reference in question via the Live Chat or via email at with the subject “I am looking for this product” and Zabilo will find it for you.

2/ Add your product to the shopping cart.


Any question?  Get in touch with use via our Live Chat function, by email at or by telephone on 03-604-40-11 in Israel and 01-83-80-40-18 in France.

3/ Proceed to purchase and choose your preferred payment method 


4/ A Zabilo advisor or a supplier will contact you directly in order to give you the date and time of delivery. You can of course choose a later date if you are not available at that time.


The number of the importer as well as the order number will be directly sent to you after arranging a meeting with a technician (offered by Zabilo)

WARNING: Only a technician affiliated with the brand of your product can open and install your product in order to obtain a warranty

5/ The technician installs your product.


*Make sure to leave the necessary space  for the installation of the product. The technician won't make the installation if the space is not sufficient or available. Furthermore, he won't unsettle any piece of furniture, the space must be available before his arrival so that he can proceed to the installation.

*If you want to get rid of the product that you come to replace the delivery man can take it with him without that engenders any expenses. Be sure that the product is disconnected and placed in front of your door.

6/ All that’s left to do is enjoy your new product! You will find the warranty in the box of the product; keep this safe. Got a problem during the warranty period? Tell the manufacturer as soon as possible (the telephone number of the manufacturer of your product is provided) so a technician can be sent your way.



° The technician will give you a « Magen brakim »: a magen brakim will protect your product in case of a power failure.


° A technician is also an advert for their brand or importer, and so they receive a percentage of every extra product they sell on delivery. A Magen Brakim costs about 150 Shekels in stores such as HomeCenter.

° Warranty extensions are also available when buying.

° The technician is not responsible for clearing and disposing of boxes once the installation is complete.

°Delivery is included in the price agreed on the website. The only money that you will be able to give to the delivery person is a tip.

° customer service is available for all questions from Sunday to Thursday from 9h30 -20h00 and on Friday from 9h30 to14h00 on the number 03-604-40-11 in Israel or on 01-83-80-40-18 in France, via the Live Chat function on or via email at



*For refrigerators, send the product reference via the Live Chat function or by email to with the subject « Technician Price »