Coffee maker Delonghi ETAM29.660.SB


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machine à café Delonghi

Coffee maker Delonghi ETAM29.660.SB

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How soon will my shipment reach its destination?
The shipments will arrive between 1 and 7 business days according to our shipping policies, unless otherwise stated on the product page on It should be noted that there will be changes in exceptional cases mentioned below.

We pride ourselves on our fast delivery service! In 95% of the cases the shipments reached their destination in 5 business days or less.


How is the shipment coordinated?

A representative of the shipping company will contact the customer the day prior to its execution for the purpose of coordination. The call will determine the day and range of hours for receiving the shipment. This conduct will be conducted directly with the transportation company. After coordination and a summary of the delivery time, the customer is responsible for being available for delivery. In addition, customers will be updated about 30 minutes before delivery.


Is there an additional cost for sending big electrical appliances to a building without an elevator?

The cost of delivery is relevent for delivery up to the second floor without a lift, and additional charges will be charged for each additional floor without a lift at a cost of NIS 50 and for each product separately.

If I want to collect an old electrical appliance when I receive the new device, what should I do?

According to the law in Israel, collection of "electronic waste", ie the old product compared to the new one. The electronic waste must be of the same type as the new product, and in its collection, the carrier will not be harmed by the process (for example, a gas emitted or a rusted product that can not be removed by regular means). In this case, you must inform in advance, even when booking. In addition, an additional fee will be charged for collecting electronic waste from the third floor (included) without a lift - NIS 50 for each floor and for each product.


What should I do if I want to determine shipping to a remote / unusual area?

In the case of shipping destinations beyond the Green Line or remote destinations, please contact our customer service, the condition for these shipments will be determined individually. Refer to the "exceptional delivery areas" page.

About the warranty


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Coffee maker Delonghi ETAM29.660.SB

Coffee maker Delonghi ETAM29.660.SB

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Customer Service

Do you have questions about the product or about the buying process on

Dont hesitate ! Be in touch with us through the LIVE CHAT on through the phone: 036044011 , from Sunday to Thursday, 10am to 7pm and on Friday, 10am to 2pm. We are here for you!

Cash on delivery

Possibility of cash payment on delivery: contact us at 03-6044011

For more information, click here .


Between 1 and 7 working days in accordance with our delivery policy (available here) and unless other indications stated on the product.

Zabilo strives to work only with the best delivery services in the country among which:


We accept the following payment methods:

all card

Return & Refund

All products can be returned within 14 working days after receipt of your order and in accordance with the law.

We invite you to check the details here.


Buying is safe.

Customer details is a supreme value, the site is fully SSL secure.

The credit card is cleared from the safe end in the strictest PCI standard in the world dedicated to us.



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Coffee maker Delonghi ETAM29.660.SB

Coffee maker Delonghi ETAM29.660.SB

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