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sell online on an israeli marketplace


Sell in israel marketplace


How open a store on zabilo Marketplace in Israel


Start to sell in Israel - make money


Why sell on Zabilo ?

Zabilo, one of the leading online shopping platforms in Israel, markets your products to over 8 million potential consumers every month.

We are also the only marketplace in Israel available in 3 languages (french, english and hebrew), that gives you the possibility to reach all the french and english speaking community in Israel.

Our customer service and Marketing is also in 3 languages, which gives you the opportunity to have 3 shops inside of the same one.



What is the cost involved ?


There are no listing fees and/or maintenance fees, just standard commissions depending on your products categories. 

To know what is your commission, please contact our Customer Care team at Marketplace@zabilo.com, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.




How do I deliver my products ?

There are 3 ways for you to deliver your products:

- You can bring it to our office in Tel Aviv, and we take care of the shipping to the customers. Just note that you have up to 48 hours to bring it.

- You can stock your products in our warehouse, for more convenience. There are additional fees for this service, depending on how much space you are using.

- You can ship it directly to the customers.